Thursday 6 June 2013

Last day in Worcester.

Pictures from the City 

Time to Leave ..
Bye Bye Worcester 
Gonna miss the place and the sweet people ..
See you Lorna and Colin
Peaceful journey Travis 

Walking in the Malverns

Walking in the Malverns 

 Is there anything better than walking in the nature or climbing a mountain? I hesitate.

Malverns story began yesterday after the lunch. Colin, Lorna, Travis, Camille and Ibaa went to the Malverns and been to the top of one of the hills where the British camp was established long time ago.

The Palestinian Keffiyeh/kufiya on top of the British Camp Hill

The Hills divide the Counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire with the rolling hills and fields of Herefordshire to the West and the flatter plains of the Severn Valley to the East.

The highest point on the Hills is the Worcestershire Beacon (425m) with North Hill (397m) and the British Camp Hill (Herefordshire Beacon - 338m) the other highest points.